Based in Slovenia,
the sunny side of the Alps

Release date:
TBA, 2017

Windows PC


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USD $18.99

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'Got Skills? Bloody Hard but Rewarding!'

Altitude0: Lower & Faster is a skill based competitive racing game where insanely low and risky flying is a must.
Reflexes and quick thinking are required to fully enjoy fast-paced dangerous flying.

Flying low over unpredictable terrains and crazy obstacles like blades and fire rings will challenge you to the max.
Get rewarded with new planes and add-ons as your skills progress to the next level and you rise through the ranks. Show off your plane with cool fun stickers and other decorations.

Excel in Altitude0, your achievements and results will be immortalized through numerous Hall of Fame rankings. Join real racers' club!


  • Beat the record - great replay value
    There is always a new record to beat. Try weekly Speedruns where time limit adds extra thrill. Dozens of official and user created tracks will keep you competing for best times. Numerous ranked stats like low flying, items collected and many more will rank you against others.

  • Plane customizations
    Fix your plane for optimal flying experience by adding plane parts and tuning plane settings. Pimp up your ride with awesome stickers, plane skins, colored smoke and more.

  • Team-based multiplayer
    Go head-to-head in multiplayer team mode. Flying becomes contact sport with plane collisions and crashing is just part of fun.
    Join official events and team up with others or create your own events and competitions.

  • Fun crazy plane crashing
    Game features advanced and sometimes silly soft body deformation system. Wings, tail, propellers and other body parts will twist, bend and eventually fall off. Yet you may still be able to finish the race and you always survive. Try it out!

  • Track editor - let your imagination fly
    Track editor gives hundreds of ways to make your tracks exciting and fun. Use buildings like hangars, bridges, warehouse and barns to fly through. Share your track and see who can make a better record.

  • And More...
    - upgrade your license in solo mode.
    - play championships to test your endurance.
    - organize multiplayer events and give random gift items from ingame gift pool to players who join.


Altitude0 Speedrun Mode - Lowest Flying Game Ever?:

Altitude0 Trailer: https://youtu.be/8ZaY_wtJBho

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"...I got this, yes, no, no, yes, yes!..." - PewDiePie

"...an extreme air racing PC game where crazy low and risky flying rules..." - Gaming with Swag

"...challenges you to scrape past tree-tops..." - RPS

"...a sense of speed...capture a good sense of fun..." - Cinema Blend

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About Gugila

We are Gugila, a team dedicated to bring Altitude0 out to the world.
Our goal is to make Altitude0 game the most fun and craziest air racing ever :) Enjoy extreme air racing competitions!

Currently Altitude0 is available on Steam. Join and Play Now!


Inquiries: info@altitude0.com

Website: www.altitude0.com

Facebook: facebook.com/altitude0

Twitter - programmer's gibberish: @_darem

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