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Altitude0 update

New Altitude0 update is ready now: more crashing, changing weather, night flying.

Altitude0: Lower & Faster - Air Racing Extreme for Windows PC
''Rock in the Air or Go Down in Flames!'

Altitude0: Lower & Faster is an extreme air racing game where crazy low and risky flying is the number one objective. Reflexes and quick thinking are everything to take challenges of dangerous flying. Crashing is not to avoid but a way to become a better racer.

Rock and roll in huge scenic environments. Fly low and crash through obstacles to finish the race fastest. Only daring A0 pilots can take extra challenges brought by different weather conditions and user created tracks. Feel the vibe and thrill of ruthless racing with great rock music. Let's rock in the air!

"...arcadish 'Burnout' mechanics + skills required..." - GameTrailers

"...a sense of speed...capture a good sense of fun..." - Cinema Blend
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Key Features
Huge open world and stunning nature landscapes
Race in huge scenic environments.
Fly over mountain peaks, huge rocks and lush forests. Explore tight spaces like caves and funky rock formations in desert canyon.
License, multiplayer (Freeway), championships
As you progress through the ranks, your license will improve.
Online multiplayer mode, especially "Freeway" mode makes it possible to join the race at any time you are ready (30 and more players). Championship mode will test skills and endurance.
Altitude0 Track Editor
Race against others on tracks you create!
Altitude0 Track Editor allows you to create your own tracks the way you want (wild, thrilling or challenging) and share your creation with others. Your choice of new tracks to play could be endless as new tracks are created.
Different weather conditions
From sunny daylight to pitch black night. Race now to find out your favorite weather.
Match your skills against ghost replays
Replays of all players are shared online. You improve your standings by beating these replays. As you get better, new replays will be picked to match your skills.
Improve your flying skills and collect achievements - not only be the fastest but also test your aerobatics, precision flying, instant decision making. Collect new planes, cool plane skins & upgrade your planes.
We're pround to work with a great rock band, LDH (LastDayHere) and thankful to them for letting us use their music in Altitude0. When playing Altitude0, you will rock in the air with their great music.
You can find more information about the band here.
Team and Press kit
We are a small team of dedicated game developers: 2 full time developers and 1 dev cat.
We really appreciate your support and feedback.

Download press kit here: fact sheet, screenshots, trailer links, and more.
* Minimum requirements to play Altitude0:
- Windows PC: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7or 8
- CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
- GPU: 512 MB card capable of shader 3.0 (DX 9.0c compliant)
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Air Racing Extreme
Platform: Windows PC
Single-player & online multiplayer
Offline & online play
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