Plane Performance Parts & Badges Are In!

a0-planepartsbadgesA long awaited plane customization update is here!
Play solo or multiplayer modes and collect plane parts: propellers, winglets, spikes, fins and many more.
You can get parts for the plane you are using by collecting racing points – more racing points means more parts. Once you collect all parts for a plane you can start collecting different color sets: chrome, green, bronze and more.

No plane part is an absolute winner, you will have to playtest and explore what’s the best combination of parts for you.

Another big feature with this update is badges. You will see them on player profiles and you can also stick them on your plane.
These are recognition badges given to players who are dedicated to playing more or are just simply great.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • In garage you can now rotate around your plane for closer inspection. Same goes for end of race showcase – check other people’s planes.
  • Team colors were added to plane tails to recognize teams easier.
  • Playing multiplayer brings bonus points +20%, winning team also gets extra points for races won.
  • License plate in garage displays finger counting to show badge collecting progress. After 5 fingers are shown, you will earn a new badge.
  • Garage got new menus: plane parts, skins, stickers, extras and badges.
  • Visual improvements: chrome material on planes, night flying headlights and burning fire were redone.
  • DirectX11 was crashing on some graphics card like Intel and some AMDs. It’s now fixed.
  • Flying with arcade controls using mouse got easier. Now it doesn’t require constant dragging for long turns.

And of course, join multiplayer live events every Friday.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).
Start collecting plane parts, bonus stickers and badges!

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Halloween Prizes


Halloween is here and so are Halloween related drops!

For 1 week only you can collect Halloween related drops by playing solo license, multiplayer and by participating in Friday live events!
Also last year’s Halloween drops are making a comeback.

Start playing now and collect them all!

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New – Neon Plane Decals

This updata0_news_neonstickerse features neon plane stickers. Now your plane can shine even more with neon stickers. Particularly, night racing will make your plane cooler and more outstanding.

Neon stickers will be available through events and as random drops.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Better presentation when attaching plane smoke in garage.
  • You can turn smoke on/off during MP ‘Player to Watch’ sequence.
  • Now up to 5 memes will be kept even after exiting the game.
  • Small effects added when applying items in garage.
  • In multiplayer watch mode, in-race positions of players are displayed.
  • Fixed: sometimes plane texture showed lines which weren’t part of plane skins.
  • Fixed: smoke names are corrected on gift cards.

Don’t forget to join multiplayer live events on Fridays.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).
This time neon stickers are blinking for you!

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Show Time – New Plane Smoke

a0_news_planesmokeHighlight this time is plane smoke that can be attached to any plane you own.
Pick where to place it and even combine 2 different colored smokes on a single plane!

Green colored smoke is given to everybody, you can find it in a hangar (garage). During race, press Shift or ‘X‘ on gamepad to turn it on…

You get to tease other players in multiplayer with your smoke. But use it wisely, it comes in limited quantities.
More smoke colors will be given through different events and random drops.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Country flags on ad boards. Randomly picked flags stay on for a day.
  • Ghost competitors in solo mode turn semi-transparent when they get closer to your plane.
  • Top 3 players’ name and icon are displayed next to their plane on showcase.
  • MP chat, more lines of chat are shown.
  • Damage UI interface updated.
  • Gradient plane skins.
  • Fixed: in teamplay mode, other real players’ plane may look jerky in slow motion.
  • Fixed: in MP teamplay mode, sometimes bots’ replay time wasn’t reported correctly.
  • Fixed: in some cases on track picking page ‘Go to Race’ froze.
  • Optimized terrain and plane drawing

Join multiplayer live events on Fridays.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).
This time collect colorful plane smoke!

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