Plane ‘Ghost Duster’ and New License Track

New plane is finally here. After considering player feedback* and some more brainstorming, we decided to call it ‘Ghost Duster‘.
Most planes were also tuned and hopefully got more character. ‘Ghost Duster’ should be better for longer races while Bullet-AX can now handle high speed and straight races better than other planes (and live up to its name).

T-Force also got a new skinless look, probably a bit silly. Just remove skin from T-Force to check it out.

Also a new license track called ‘Blow Up Run‘ is here, waiting for best times to be set.

Smaller improvements and fixes:

  • New license for beginners – ‘A0 Talent’. Also it comes with new achievements that existing players should also complete.
  • Moccies reappear in MP (extra fun this way).
  • Tutorial tracks got some new objects.
  • Some license track icons were replaced for better looks. Tracks didn’t change so no records were reset or lost.
  • Available achievement shows up at the start of the race to make race goal more obvious.
  • Cosmetic menu fixes.

* Special thanks goes to HellfiresGhost for a plane name idea.

As usual join multiplayer live events every Friday.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).

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Boom – Explosions are here!

This update features explosions from obstacles like oil and flammable barrels. Try to avoid hitting those explosive objects, but when you cannot, enjoy cool demolitions!
New user track ‘Fire Party’ is also here to show what explosions are all about.
Try it out!

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Track editor got explosive oil barrels.
  • License tracks are updated with new objects.
  • New particles and sounds.
  • Meme/video creator was bugged for some time. It should work again.

And join multiplayer live events every Friday.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).

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