Steam Trading Cards Are In!

a0_news_tradingcardAltitude0 Steam trading cards are finally available. Play Altitude0: Lower & Faster and get cool trading cards, badges and backgrounds.
Most of emoticons should be familiar to you if you played the game – Meow! 🙂

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Tasks to upgrade license are a lot easier to navigate now. Task list will be displayed on track picking page if you still need to upgrade your license.
  • Particles in multiplayer mode were optimized and out of memory problems were fixed.
  • Commentator was added to Multiplayer mode.
  • Teamplay track picking was adjusted and different tracks are more likely to be shown for voting.
  • When plane engine is overheating, the whole interface blinks.
  • Also our big thanks to users who created new tracks.

Here are some recent user tracks and try them out!
These track are now included in MP teamplay mode:

  • Desert Trial by jaydenh254
  • OMG, It’s Not Easy! by BAB Pops
  • Staying Alive by EJ
  • Breakneck by Sunshowers
  • Rocky Ride by Amoti