Showing Off Your Ride Update

a0_news_replaycamerasHighlights in this update include new replay cameras in multiplayer and slow-mo end sequence.

New features and improvements:

  • Replay cameras were improved: now you can watch your team members while waiting for the race to end. Use backview button (key ‘C’) to see who’s chasing the player.
  • Finish camera was improved: new slow-mo finish camera allows you to see who’s coming in just behind you.
  • Borderless window was added, you can find it under graphics settings.
  • Respawning improved: obstacles are better detected and avoided when plane is repositioned.
  • MP Teamplay – player’s icon now shows team color, easier to recognize team members.
  • In solo license mode, some tasks are better explained: close-calls, throttle at max, Moccies.
  • Fixed: when quitting during slow motion and going to the menu page, game would slow down to a halt.

Don’t forget to join multiplayer live events on Fridays.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).