Show Time – New Plane Smoke

a0_news_planesmokeHighlight this time is plane smoke that can be attached to any plane you own.
Pick where to place it and even combine 2 different colored smokes on a single plane!

Green colored smoke is given to everybody, you can find it in a hangar (garage). During race, press Shift or ‘X‘ on gamepad to turn it on…

You get to tease other players in multiplayer with your smoke. But use it wisely, it comes in limited quantities.
More smoke colors will be given through different events and random drops.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Country flags on ad boards. Randomly picked flags stay on for a day.
  • Ghost competitors in solo mode turn semi-transparent when they get closer to your plane.
  • Top 3 players’ name and icon are displayed next to their plane on showcase.
  • MP chat, more lines of chat are shown.
  • Damage UI interface updated.
  • Gradient plane skins.
  • Fixed: in teamplay mode, other real players’ plane may look jerky in slow motion.
  • Fixed: in MP teamplay mode, sometimes bots’ replay time wasn’t reported correctly.
  • Fixed: in some cases on track picking page ‘Go to Race’ froze.
  • Optimized terrain and plane drawing

Join multiplayer live events on Fridays.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).
This time collect colorful plane smoke!