Music Update

a0-musicupdateThis update brings a couple of new songs and music player clean-up. Now you can listen to a song from beginning to end without interruption. Wherever you are in the game, music will continuously play from one song to the next.

If you’d like to skip a song you can simply press rudder-right (key D). To restart a current song, press rudder-left (key A).
During a race music controls are disabled, so you need to pick your song before the race starts.

In the future expect new songs that cover all different music styles and hopefully fit different tastes.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Terrain drawing especially high in Alps had problems. Some objects were sinking or floating on those tracks. Problem gone.
  • Flying upside down had misplaced gravity center position – fixed.
  • Creating tracks in editor with shortruns would crash the game – fixed.
  • After race, showcase of winners could show some planes transparent – fixed.
  • Two license tracks received some new objects – spot them if you can.

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