Altitude0 – April 12th beta update

Altitude0: Collect Thumbs Up ItemsIt’s been a while since the last major update to Altitude0 and this time the focus was gameplay.

New race modes:

– Other than time race where goal is to be ahead, we added item collecting mode (collect thumbs up items), where goal is to collect as many items as you can in a limited amount of time. Another addition is checkpoint mode where time pressure makes flying even harder; check out track ‘Mountain High’.

New game rules:

Race rules: every race your must fulfill a certain task for result to count, otherwise pilot is considered disqualified.

Achievements: extra tasks that change depending on your current status. Achievements also bring rewards, like extra tracks and other goodies.

Acrobatic points: game will reward players that can fly daringly: low flying, knife edge, rolls, loops, dives, etc.

License mode: goal is to improve your pilot status. Advance your pilot license by collecting license achievements, racing points and completing different challenges to get ahead.

Racing level: as you complete races, you collect racing points and improve your racing level.

Real-time Online Multiplayer:

This feature is a real biggie for us developers and for now still in the testing stage. We want to make it available very soon and hopefully you can join us for testing. A small crowd as we start and then hopefully more players will join us as we open the game to wider audience. If you’d like to be there at the start then please visit our online forum for more info.

As mentioned above, we opened an online forum, currently for beta testers only (check

You are welcome to visit it and express your opinion, ideas and let us know about Altitude0 bugs.

Also we will start online multiplayer there, so do join.

Another small notice and apology: we changed racing rules quite a lot and therefore had to recalculate player racing points based on new rules.

Also track’s best ever times are gone so our apologies to certain flying aces 😉  Feel free to reconquer the rankings.

Thank you for playing Altitude0.