Live Event #4 Coming up on Jan 22

a0_news_event004Live event #4 – Friday, Jan 22!

This time there will be two different time slots for this event – first one at 20h CET (Europe) and the other one 20h EST (Americas).
There will be prizes for completing goals. You can play multiple time zones to beat your previous result but 1 prize only.
Pick your time zone, accomplish goals and get your name on the live event rankings!

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Live Event #3 Coming up on Jan 15th

a0_news_event003Join us on Friday at 20h European time.

Event tasks will work this time for sure – bug fixed 100% for sure, promise.
There will be prizes and we will start recognizing best event players.
You can join the event any time between 20h to 23h to complete the task and get some recognition for doing it right.

In the future we hope to schedule more weekend events that fit different time zones better. Please let us know your preferred time slots.

See ya soon!

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MP Live Events – episode #2

Another fun event is behind us. Again Live Event Goals had a problem by not showing up.  🙁
Afterwards we finally managed to find the bug.
Sorry for that.
Next weekend the thing will work sure. On top of that we will add some other improvements that should make MP events even more fun.

Thanks to everyone who joined!  🙂

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Friday 8th of January Live Event

This Friday 8th a0_news_weventof January we will be having our second MP live event.
First event was fun and this time around event features should function better.

There will be some prizes again for those of you who join and complete some tasks.
Time will be similar – 8 to 11 pm English/European time.


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