Celebrating in Style

a0-celebrationThis update is focused on tuning planes and plane parts. Stability parameter now makes different planes more stable and less likely to get damaged.
Planes should now also feel more solid and stable, that is until you destroy them!

Also your winnings are now celebrated in style.

You played well and got personal best, your team won or you achieved some other special race result.
Confetti celebration is here. You deserve it!

And many small fixes and improvements:

  • MP player to watch – license now shows player’s badge.
  • Snapping effects are added when applying plane parts in garage.
  • Alt-tabbing in full screen under DirectX11 would switch to windowed mode – fixed.
  • Cursor could get stuck on track menu – fixed.
  • Problem with damage sometimes pilling up too fast, especially in multiplayer – fixed.

And of course, join multiplayer live events every Friday.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).
Happy Chinese New Year! Rooster can fly this year?

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Plane Performance Parts & Badges Are In!

a0-planepartsbadgesA long awaited plane customization update is here!
Play solo or multiplayer modes and collect plane parts: propellers, winglets, spikes, fins and many more.
You can get parts for the plane you are using by collecting racing points – more racing points means more parts. Once you collect all parts for a plane you can start collecting different color sets: chrome, green, bronze and more.

No plane part is an absolute winner, you will have to playtest and explore what’s the best combination of parts for you.

Another big feature with this update is badges. You will see them on player profiles and you can also stick them on your plane.
These are recognition badges given to players who are dedicated to playing more or are just simply great.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • In garage you can now rotate around your plane for closer inspection. Same goes for end of race showcase – check other people’s planes.
  • Team colors were added to plane tails to recognize teams easier.
  • Playing multiplayer brings bonus points +20%, winning team also gets extra points for races won.
  • License plate in garage displays finger counting to show badge collecting progress. After 5 fingers are shown, you will earn a new badge.
  • Garage got new menus: plane parts, skins, stickers, extras and badges.
  • Visual improvements: chrome material on planes, night flying headlights and burning fire were redone.
  • DirectX11 was crashing on some graphics card like Intel and some AMDs. It’s now fixed.
  • Flying with arcade controls using mouse got easier. Now it doesn’t require constant dragging for long turns.

And of course, join multiplayer live events every Friday.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).
Start collecting plane parts, bonus stickers and badges!

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