Aim for the Hole – Track Editor Updated!

a0-ruinsforgottenTrack editor receives a major update with extra objects and new ways to make your tracks exciting and fun.
Buildings like hangars, warehouse and barns can be used to fly through. This should make for some fun tight competitions in multiplayer.

From now on we will be using track editor ourselves to build new tracks. That means that editor will be updated regularly as we add new stuff.

New editor features:

  • Extra objects: ruins, barns, hangars, silo, warehouse, wind turbines, blimps and windmills.
  • Race path displayed between gates makes it easier to check that gates are in order.
  • New replay cameras:  static, zoom, parallel fly-by and multiple plane cameras are in.
  • Multiple undo / redo, saving view positions for better workflow added.
  • Flatten button will flatten terrain around buildings.
  • Roads are now displayed in editor, this makes it easier to place objects like buildings around them.

Build and share your ideal tracks with the new track editor.
Editor runs in WebGL compatible web-browser, you can get it here:



And some game improvements:

  • License track ‘Plane Invasion’ was added (made with the new editor).
  • New type of ‘must pass’ gate with a red ring is in. This gate must be flown through without skipping.
  • All license races now have 8 planes participating.

And join multiplayer live events every Friday.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).

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Celebrating in Style

a0-celebrationThis update is focused on tuning planes and plane parts. Stability parameter now makes different planes more stable and less likely to get damaged.
Planes should now also feel more solid and stable, that is until you destroy them!

Also your winnings are now celebrated in style.

You played well and got personal best, your team won or you achieved some other special race result.
Confetti celebration is here. You deserve it!

And many small fixes and improvements:

  • MP player to watch – license now shows player’s badge.
  • Snapping effects are added when applying plane parts in garage.
  • Alt-tabbing in full screen under DirectX11 would switch to windowed mode – fixed.
  • Cursor could get stuck on track menu – fixed.
  • Problem with damage sometimes pilling up too fast, especially in multiplayer – fixed.

And of course, join multiplayer live events every Friday.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).
Happy Chinese New Year! Rooster can fly this year?

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