Showing Off Your Ride Update

a0_news_replaycamerasHighlights in this update include new replay cameras in multiplayer and slow-mo end sequence.

New features and improvements:

  • Replay cameras were improved: now you can watch your team members while waiting for the race to end. Use backview button (key ‘C’) to see who’s chasing the player.
  • Finish camera was improved: new slow-mo finish camera allows you to see who’s coming in just behind you.
  • Borderless window was added, you can find it under graphics settings.
  • Respawning improved: obstacles are better detected and avoided when plane is repositioned.
  • MP Teamplay – player’s icon now shows team color, easier to recognize team members.
  • In solo license mode, some tasks are better explained: close-calls, throttle at max, Moccies.
  • Fixed: when quitting during slow motion and going to the menu page, game would slow down to a halt.

Don’t forget to join multiplayer live events on Fridays.
2 time slots: 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).

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Player to Watch – MP Feature

This ua0_news_player2watchpdate brings a new feature, ‘Player to Watch‘ in multiplayer. Best player will be showcased at the beginning of a race.
All players will see a showcase featuring your plane before race starts. Get your plane ready to show how cool it looks.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • MP Bots were improved, at least bad ones became a bit better – popular user request.
  • Fixed: wrong replays were recorded sometimes in teamplay mode.
  • Fixed: night championship replays weren’t recorded properly.
  • Fixed: sometimes MP commentator wouldn’t recognize the winner correctly because of tight records between players.
  • Don’t show medal after race if there aren’t enough players.

April Fools’ day is here, but live event is for real with some Fool’s day prizes.
Join multiplayer teamplay during 2 time slots, 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).

Who can be the event winner this time?
Let’s find it out!

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Steam Trading Cards Are In!

a0_news_tradingcardAltitude0 Steam trading cards are finally available. Play Altitude0: Lower & Faster and get cool trading cards, badges and backgrounds.
Most of emoticons should be familiar to you if you played the game – Meow! 🙂

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Tasks to upgrade license are a lot easier to navigate now. Task list will be displayed on track picking page if you still need to upgrade your license.
  • Particles in multiplayer mode were optimized and out of memory problems were fixed.
  • Commentator was added to Multiplayer mode.
  • Teamplay track picking was adjusted and different tracks are more likely to be shown for voting.
  • When plane engine is overheating, the whole interface blinks.
  • Also our big thanks to users who created new tracks.

Here are some recent user tracks and try them out!
These track are now included in MP teamplay mode:

  • Desert Trial by jaydenh254
  • OMG, It’s Not Easy! by BAB Pops
  • Staying Alive by EJ
  • Breakneck by Sunshowers
  • Rocky Ride by Amoti

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Live Event #11 – Bonus Task

EDIT: Make sure your game is updated before joining live event!
We had last moment updated needed for today’s event (1 hour before start).

Friday March 11th – this time live event comes with bonus task + bonus reward.
Join us and see what it’s all about.

2 time slots, 20h CET (Europe) and 20h EST (Americas).

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