Update: Winners’ After Race Showcase

Altitude0 ShowcaseIf you win a race, you deserve to be recognized better.
After each race, top 3 planes are shown closeup – all pimped up or fully damaged looking like a mess. It really depends on the player’s racing style.


Other fixes:

  • when game cannot connect online, it doesn’t save data locally. Now it’s clear whether you progress or not.
  • championship now exits to the championship page and not the main menu.
  • fixed: control settings bug – throttle slider key was causing problems when trying to remap it.
  • advanced control settings now allow manual rudder to have adjusted sensitivity. This is especially useful for players with twist rudder joysticks.
  • some new drops added.

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Major update: 7 new pro tracks, achievements, licenses, champions and more

Altitude0 Major UpdateHi guys, this update is a major one.

New tracks, 7 of them – longer & harder for players who got deeper into the game.
These tracks will take more time to master for sure. Tracks also come with new obstacles: wrecking balls, fiery rings, rotating fans.

More licenses with 23 new achievements.
New game modes and rules: checkpoint race, laps, mini-challenges and aerobatic points required to complete a race.
New longer championships to test your stamina & skills.

– music doesn’t restart anymore after each race
– fixed key remapping (keyboard & gamepad problems)
– new year started and some new drops were added


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