Altitude0 – Controls and night flying

Altitude0 - Controls and Night FlyingAnother quick update to Altitude0.

Controls can be adjusted to your liking. Any combination of joysticks, gamepads, rudders, whatever Windows compatible control devices, should be possible. Try it out.

Night flying was added. Flying just got a bit more mysterious!

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Altitude0: Lower & Faster – premium content for free

Altitude0 - Premium Content for FreeWe’d like to thank everyone who participated in Altitude0 closed beta and gave us valuable feedback to improve the game. We are putting things together to present Altitude0: Lower & Faster to general public. The game will go open beta in a couple of days.

Game will be free to play with premium content that will be available for purchase.
If you participated in the closed beta, we would like to offer you premium content for free.
The only request we have is that you play Altitude0 and become A0 Pro pilot license holder until the end of July 22nd.
We will be giving away premium codes to all beta testers who complete the A0 Pro task in the following days (until July 22nd).

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Altitude0 – Arcade controls for fun

Altitude0 - Arcade Controls for FunAltitude0 professional controls were meant to be used by people who like challenge of flying.
Many players reported that the learning curve is very steep and after numerous attempts we think we finally got a nice solution.
We are introducing arcade controls, they are easier to learn but can make everybody look like an experienced pilot.
Less fuss, less hassle but much easier to learn and still a lot of fun.
Actually you should be the judge. Try them out!

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Altitude0 – Final closed beta version

Altitude0 - Final Closed Beta VersionFinal closed beta version is now available to beta testers!

The update includes the following:

  • New canyon environment and tracks
  • Real-time online multiplayer: (first become A0 pilot to join real-time online multiplayer race).
  • More gameplay features: new achievements, licenses, racing levels
  • In-plane view and numerous fixes

Problem discovered just before this update:

Multiplayer mode has some sound issues (choppy music & sounds). We will try to fix and update multiplayer as soon as possible.

Hopefully online multiplaying can start soon. Currently you can visit online lobby and rooms but you will probably find them quite lonely 🙂 You can try playing with your buddies and we scheduled some race for coming Saturday – check multiplayer lobby for more info.

Multiplayer is still in the starting stage and we hope it will be fun to play soon.

In the meantime, please let us know if you find some bugs or have suggestions when testing the game.

For those beta testers who have been around, next week we will make an announcement on how to unlock premium contents.

Please visit our online forum for more update info:

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