Altitude0: Lower & Faster – Open for Play!

Gugila team announced that Altitude0: Lower & Faster, an online air racing game for Windows PC, is now open for play.

“Got Skills? This game will show you why you don’t have a pilot’s license.”
(In case you do have the license, it will become obvious why we developers don’t have it).

Altitude0: Lower & Faster is delightfully reckless air racing, flying at a frighteningly low altitude as fast as possible. The lower you fly, the faster you go and the better A0 pilot you become.

Your speed hungry plane will rock and roll in huge scenic environments. Acrobatic flying is necessary to successfully finish each race faster than others: loops, rolls, spins, hammerheads, whatever the name, you will learn to use them all.

This game is about speed, skills and competition. It’s really up to you and not about a predefined in-game character, whether you improve your flying skills and become a flying ace.
You will feel like an air race pilot, thinking about how to shave off fractions of a second at each corner and curve, and how to fly at best angles. Dance in the air!

Altitude0: Lower & Faster has a single player mode where you compete against replays of others and also an online multiplayer mode. A special “Freeway” multiplayer mode makes it possible to join the race at any time and a big number of players (30 and more) can participate in the same race. If there aren’t enough real players present in the race, replays of random pilots will be spawned to spice it up.
Freeway race will always be alive and kicking no matter how many players are around at the same time.

Currently the game is fully playable and competitions are open in 2 different environments (alpine mountains and desert canyon) with numerous tracks. The game is free to play, but some features are available to supporting users only.

Download links are available at

Gugila A0 team (2 humans + 1 rescued cat) says, “We are very excited to finally present our game. We hope that Altitude0 will bring a bit of different racing flavor to the gaming community, especially players who like participating in competitive events. As long as you like playing Altitude0, it will be able to grow bigger and better. Please support Altitude0 if you think it is worth playing & if you want to see more.”

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Altitude0 – “Freeway” multiplayer mode

Altitude0 - "Freeway" Multiplayer ModeWe’d like to introduce “Freeway” flying multiplayer mode, aka “Instant multiplayer”.

Freeway mode makes it possible to join the race at any time you are ready, no hassle to wait for others to join – just start racing!

Players will be starting at any time and your result will be compared to those who finished the race before you. Freeway allows a big number of players to join – even more than 30. And if not enough human players are racing, replays of random pilots from before will be spawned.

So Freeway will always be alive and kicking no matter how many players are around at the same time.

Try it out!

Otherwise, we decided to move back to development stage because we would still like to add more features. Certainly the game is already fully playable and competitions are open.

If you have some requests or ideas related to A0, let’s discuss them on A0 forum.

And finally as the game evolves, we would like to ask for your support by spreading the word about Altitude0 and maybe buying ‘Support Pack‘ so we can continue adding more content.

Thank you,

A0 team

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Altitude0 update – Gameplay & airplane crashing

Altitude0 Update - Gameplay, Airplane CrashingThis time around update brings more forgiving and easier flying especially when using standard controls.

Crashing is more tolerated so beginners should be able to handle game easier.
We want A0 flying to be fun and challenging yet something everybody can tackle.
For this reason game has 2 sets of controls: standard and expert. Both sets will allow competitive flying times.

Otherwise, a bunch of bugs were fixed and support for joysticks and gamepads was improved including joystick throttle slider.

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Defining Altitude0: Lower & Faster

Defining Altitude0: Lower & FasterWithout visiting a buddhist temple or joining some cult religion it became obvious that our game testers who were sticking around from the early beginning defined this game best.

It’s a competitive airplane racing game where competitors don’t have to be other players. It could be yourself and your previous achievements. Players don’t have to feel threatened by others. It becomes a quest about getting better at your own pace.

Improving on each track, finding that perfect curve that shaves off time, we are talking about flying, best path can be much harder to find than in a car racing game.

And then, there is also online multiplayer racing that can be very exciting in its own way as your competitors are there at the very same moment.

Another thing, we used to ask for support by claiming you will receive “Premium content”. We must admit that it was lame to say that way. We are not some huge corporation, there’s nothing premium about what we can do. We can only appreciate all the help and support we can receive and to those people who can help we will give a bit more and call it what it is: support – hence Support Pack.

So thank you all who play Altitude0, stick around and of course, if you could help some more and support the project by buying Support Pack we would be super grateful.

P.S.: It’s summer vacation season, we forgot people actually do take vacation.:)

For testers who participated in closed beta, we will extend time to get Support Pack for free. Just become A0 Pro pilot until August 5th.

So enjoy improving your skills and playing Altitude0 Lower & Faster: eSports air racing.

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