Drag Flying!

Super short drag racing, we call it drag flying!IFrame

We updated the game with a new track, super short race where every mistake is fatal and perfection is important. See how many times you can improve your time even if it’s just a fraction of a second.
This track is available to supporting users.

Otherwise, we are working on bigger structure behind A0: new planes, tracks, championships, locking/unlocking, etc. Expect some more changes to the game, supporting users will be tasting it soon as the game is more shaped to full version.

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New Recent Rankings

Altitude0 New Recent RankingsToday’s release brings new recent rankings for current best players.
A0 used to have weekly rankings and the chart was reset every Monday. We decided to switch to recent rankings for 2 reasons.
First reason is that week doesn’t start for all players at the same time: it could be different time zones or just people’s habits on when to play the game.
The other bigger reason were empty charts at the start of the week. It used to be quite irritating to see chart empty every Monday morning.

New recent rankings rules are similar to weekly rankings except that player’s results stay in the list for 2 weeks (current week that starts on Monday and the previous one).
After a week goes around, your 2 weeks old result will be removed from the recent chart and your more recent week’s best will be displayed.

Hopefully this explanation makes sense.
End result should be that there are always times to beat and results that get too old are removed from the recent rankings.

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Introducing Drag racing with planes!

Altitude0: Introducing Drag Racing with Planes!For all racing fans, introducing Drag racing with planes!

We are adding a new type of racing to Altitude0, we call it Drag Flying.

Short, almost straight race, where every gate counts, race will last no more than 15 seconds.
This race is for perfectionists who love the challenge of finding that perfect tight racing corner.
Also when it comes to planes, don’t forget about perfect wing angle, flying as close to the ground and gates as possible.

In this race winners will be decided by fractions of a second.
Although drag race is short, top players will find countless ways to improve their times.
And luck counts a lot too!

First drag racing track will be available to supporting players in the following days.

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Altitude0 update – game unstable on some computers – FIXED!

Altitude0 Update - game unstable on some computers - FIXED!Over time we received crashing reports related to game crashing quite randomly. Unfortunately some players couldn’t really play Altitude0 because of this bug. Finally we managed to locate and fix the problem. It was related to different sound cards and the fact that sound drivers don’t work the same on all computers.

Hopefully this makes Altitude0 stable for majority of players.

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