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Track Editor, new tracks, planes and more!

Race against other players on tracks you create!
What's your dream track? Do you want to challenge other players on your track?

Altitude0 Track Editor allows you to create your own tracks the way you want and share your creation. It's a web browser tool created for Altitude0 game and it's easy to access and use.  

Tracks can be as wild as you want them to be: with different object selection, you can build exciting, interesting or challenging tracks. Let your imagination fly, explore vast nature environments to find your favorite spots and show what you can build.

Currently Altitude0 Track Editor is available for free to anyone who'd like to build and share tracks. Please visit

Other than track editor, there are more new features: new tracks with huge nature elements like rocks, cliffs and caves.
Also a new plane, 'Bullet AX' was added to the game. It's a fast plane that offers fast exciting flying but it's harder to control especially for beginners. Expect more planes soon!

From now on Altitude0 is split into 2 versions. As we wanted to bring more content to our players, we split the game into 2 versions.
First one is free demo & track editor testing tool. The second one is more than double in size and available to full users. It contains all the features for best gaming experience.
If you are a full user, you can get the link on your Altitude0 online profile:

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Air Racing Extreme
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Single-player & online multiplayer
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