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New Altitude0 update is ready.
One of the big new features is crashable objects. Apologizes to all the real racers but your flying path will now be obstructed  by haystacks, barrels, logs, billboards.
You should probably avoid them or you may just want to try pushing through. It could work... sometimes :)

Another feature: changing weather conditions - from sunny daylight to pitch black night. Night flying brings racing excitement to a "whole 'nother level". Stuff just pops out in front of you so you'd better learn the track during daytime first.
For the same reason you should try out new "Night Championship".

And finally there's new music. Altitude0 now has great music (if you are a rocker), thanks to a rock/metal band, LastDayHere (LDH). Songs needs to be unlocked first, but boy they add to the excitement.

This latest update is the most complete version of Altitude0 before official release. If you'd like to play the game immediately, you can buy it discounted here.

Also don't forget to vote for Altitude0 on Steam Greenlight.

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