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Update: New Multiplayer Is Now Live!

It's finally time to start real racing competitions with a new multiplayer. Multiplayer rounds (MR) are at core of the new game mode and you can join the action after each race.

Multiplayer also brings players into the same world so collisions & crashing matter.
Collect floating items Moccies first or they are gone and avoid hitting others.
Players can vote on the track to be played next. List of tracks includes official license tracks and many user tracks as well.

Some exclusive ingame drops are waiting for players who join the multiplayer.
So join the live competitions!

Other fixes and improvements:

  • ingame position is now updated immediately during the race.
  • ingame icons get bigger as planes get closer.
  • times are displayed with millisecond precision (3 digits), just to be fair.
  • championship points were adjusted to improve racing experience.
  • multiplayer got new chat (default is keyboard button 'T').
  • multiplayer round rankings added.
  • multiplayer watch mode.
  • buttons to see rankings added to track picking and championship page.
  • garage statistics updated.
  • saved replays now also save correct weather conditions.
  • bug fix: user track replay by creator not included in rankings.
  • bug fix: track editor in non-Steam version had starting problems.

Update: New Rankings & Stats Heaven

The main feature coming with this update is new improved rankings system.
You can compare your stats with friends and best A0 pilots: compare racing points, medals, aerobatic pts, close calls, items collected and more.

Championships also got their own rankings and stats. These rankings show players that finished the whole championship in the shortest time possible.
There are some surprising names in the top 10 for each championship, check it out.

Other fixes:

  • after race showcase: plane effects like vapor & boost fixed, plane showcase layout adjusted to prevent planes from overlapping.
  • Freeway multiplayer:
    • when real-time human opponents join the race, it shows their correct planes including damage and fire.
    • bots (recorded replays of other pilots) are spawned more competitively when you join Freeway.
    • same weather for all players who join the race.
  • saving replay also saves weather conditions.
  • replays of your friends are marked.
  • new drops added.

Update: Winners' After Race Showcase

If you win a race, you deserve to be recognized better.
After each race, top 3 planes are shown closeup - all pimped up or fully damaged looking like a mess. It really depends on the player's racing style.

Other fixes:

  • when game cannot connect online, it doesn't save data locally. Now it's clear whether you progress or not.
  • championship now exits to the championship page and not the main menu.
  • fixed: control settings bug - throttle slider key was causing problems when trying to remap it.
  • advanced control settings now allow manual rudder to have adjusted sensitivity. This is especially useful for players with twist rudder joysticks.
  • some new drops added.

Major update: 7 new pro tracks, achievements, licenses, champions and more

Hi guys, this update is a major one.

New tracks, 7 of them - longer & harder for players who got deeper into the game.
These tracks will take more time to master for sure. Tracks also come with new obstacles: wrecking balls, fiery rings, rotating fans.

More licenses with 23 new achievements.
New game modes and rules: checkpoint race, laps, mini-challenges and aerobatic points required to complete a race.
New longer championships to test your stamina & skills.

- music doesn't restart anymore after each race
- fixed key remapping (keyboard & gamepad problems)
- new year started and some new drops were added


Holidays are coming! - Holidays Decorations

Let's celebrate the end of 2014 and the New Year, 2015!
In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Altitude0 will be properly decorated for the next 2 weeks. If you play during this time, you may get some adorable decorations!



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