Air Racing Extreme for Windows PC
'Got Skills? Rock in the Air or Go Down in Flames!'

What if there were no safety rules in flying, what if every crash - pilots could magically survive and try again?
Altitude0: Lower & Faster is an extreme air racing game where crazy low and risky flying is the number one objective.

Fly lower to be faster and take a chance on flying through moving obstacles to finish the race fastest. Create your own tracks and let your imagination fly.
"...challenging and highly addictive aerial racing sim with an arcade touch..."

"...I got this, yes, no, no, yes, yes!..." - PewDiePie

"...arcadish 'Burnout' mechanics + skills required..." - GameTrailers
Key Features
Extreme low flying
Fly inches just above ground level for best speed.
Various obstacles
Nature objects (rocks, trees, caves) and human made objects (barrels, haystacks, industrial blades, wrecking balls and other machines) will challenge you extra for thrill of ruthless racing.
Plane customizations and damage system
Adjust your plane by adding and removing exhaust pipes, engines, boosts and cosmetics like plane skins & stickers.
Game features silly soft body deformation systems. Wings, elevators, rudder and other body parts will twist, bend and eventually fall off.
Altitude0 Track Editor
Create your own tracks with Altitude0 Track Editor. Place gates, rock formations and moving obstacles and let your imagination fly!
Solo play license mode,
championships & multiplayer competitions

License mode is about progressing through the ranks and upgrading your license.
Championship mode will test your endurance.

And finally multiplayer is where you go head to head against others. Flying becomes contact sport and crashing is just part of fun.
Huge open world and big vistas
Race in huge scenic environments.
Fly over mountain peaks and explore tight spaces like canyon caves and funky rock formations.
Match your skills against ghost replays
Each race is recorded and replays of all players are shared online. As you get better, new players and their replays will be picked to match your skills.
We're thankful to a great rock-metal band LastDayHere (LDH) for letting us use their music in Altitude0.
Edgy music fits edgy air-racing perfectly!
Computer requirements
- Windows PC: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7or 8
- CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz or better
- Minimum GPU: 512 MB card capable of shader 3.0 (DX 9.0c compliant)
- Recommended GPU: 1024 MB DirectX11 card for best graphics quality
Team and Press kit
We are a small gamedev team: 2 full time developers + 1 dev cat - lack of staff means that cats count too.
We put a lot of time and effort in making Altitude0 and we hope you will enjoy playing it!
Our Contact - drop us a message, to discuss the game visit Altitude0 forum.

Go to press kit page: fact sheet, screenshots, video links and more.

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